About Michelle

As far back as I can remember I’ve always had this driving force to express myself creatively in one way or another.  One thing I’m absolutely certain of is that it’s part of what makes me who I am, not just as an artist, but as a human being.

I’m a photographer, mother, daughter, lover, friend, confidant, student of life and a child at heart. I have two beautiful daughters, Carson, 14 years old and Harper, 8 years old. They keep me on my toes and melt my heart.  Every day they remind me in so many ways that it’s the little things in life that matter the most.  They are my biggest inspiration and motivation for embracing my passion for photographing people, my favorite subjects.

I’m a visual storyteller.  Unlike writers, I create images to describe where you were, who was there and why it was a significant and special time in your family’s life, in just 1/200 of a second.  I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to capture these moments and develop relationships with all of the families and couples I have the honor of photographing.  Every story is unique, heartfelt and most of all real.  What I give back in return is the gift of an instant memory.  You are able to look at your images and instantly know where you were, who was with you and how you felt as if it was happening in real time:

The way your child giggles as if they were made of pure sunshine, warm, bright and full of life;

The way a groom kisses his bride for the first time as his wife;

The uncertain and insanely beautiful emotions of first time parents gazing in awe at the tiny toes of their newborn baby 5 days new.

I’m so grateful to get to spend part of my day in the lives of so many amazing families and couples.  They allow me into their homes, to spend time with their children and be involved in their weddings.  I thank each and every one of you for inviting me to spend part of the day with you and your loved ones and the opportunity to tell your stories.  Thank you for allowing me to create collections of stunning images of the little things that hold the biggest place in people’s hearts.  Simply put…it’s your life…in pictures.


MEMBER  Professional Photographers of America (PPA)  




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